Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hobbies 3

Dance move - Make the shape of letters with your arms, speel any words you want even rude ones!

Writing prompt - Imagine someone has woken from a 40 year coma to experience modern technology

Snazzy nail art - use a nail art pen to draw checks

Sex tips 3

Do a pole dance using your bloke as the pole!

Strip sexily then give your bloke a lapdance

Put sticky dots on a dice then label with your favourite saucy actions, choose  3 each.

CRB - Can't Really Be trusted

In response to recent incidents the CRB policy was intended to protect children. Unfortunately all a clean record really means is that you havent been caught. It also means that people who should be working with children are prevented from doing so by unrelated convictions such as shoplifting. It could even be detrimental to child safety as a doctor could be prevented from entering a school to treat a seriously ill child if they are not CRB checked through that school. And it seems that even parents are treated with suspicion and denied access to school. It really is a ridiculous system that needs changing fast.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fash n beauty to go 3

Wear skirts with jazzy tights

In the middle of a grey / brown smoky eye smudge some glistening silver.

Part hair at the side then tie in a bun.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Secret to an everlasting marriage

One possible reason for the rising divorce rate is that it used to be the done thing to marry before living together and having kids. This meant that couples could not truly know eachother before marriage and then came the inevitable changes that occur after having children. Now that marriage is no longer essential (after all, 'living in sin' was a notion created by the Victorians as common law marriages were common place before that) relationships may have more chance of lasting.

Booze, tabs and dope

It would seem like common sense to assume that cannabis is more dangerous than tobacco and alcohol as these are legal while pot / dope etc is not but this is not the case. Thousands more people die every year from smoking and booze than smoking pot. It is unclear why the government refuse to mae cannabis illegal apart from the old argument that it encourage people to try stronger drugs because they could make money out it instead of drug dealers and it is also an effective painkiller so there is call for it to be available to make it available on prescription. The alternative would be to make cigarettes and alcohol illegal but then a black market would spring up and the state would lose a fortune from taxes.

What is a 'celebrity'

Argh! Too many celebrities get me out of here!
It doesn't seem to have anything to do with talent as bimbos like Jordan get more coverage than truly talented musician, actors etc.
It's more to do with industry giants knowing who will make them money and having the media on their side.


Unlike a lot of people assume, particularly older people, the idea of 'morality' as in nuclear families consisting of heterosexual couples and their children conceived after marriage is not as old as time. It was in fact created by the Victorians who made homsexuality illegal, at least for men, and created the idea of 'living in sin' as there were many commonlaw marriages before Queen Vicky came to the throne.

Monday, 27 August 2012

X vs Y of fashion

Well, leggings are more comfortable and tend to come in more styles but jeans are warmer and can be more flattering.  

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Love is .... essay

Love is one of those abstract concepts so difficult to define because of its personal nature. As a general rule of thumb it could be said that love is a feeling of strong affection for someone or something but there could be as many definitions as people in the world. While love is mostly a positive concept some people due to personal circumstances could view it negatively. There are also many different types of love for example that for another person in a sexual relationship, love for a child, an animal or a food or type of music or a celebrity; the list is endless. So what is love? You tell me!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Fash n beauty to go 2

Summer blending to Autumn:

Wear an open cardi with a belt

Roll sleeves back

Wear hair half in a bun and half loose

What will they come out with next 2

When asked to thinjk of a word I couldn't spell aged 4 - 'Paralellogram!'

Had 'fizzy feet' (pins and needles)

His dummy was a 'nanny ninny'!

Sexy tips 2

Try sharing a bath or shower or having sex somewhere else thats not the bedroom

Massage eachother leaving the obvious places til last

Wow him with the corkscrew - twisting both hands in opposite directions

Hobbies 2

Dance move of the day - Throw your hands between your legs

Writing Prompt du jour - Love / death is ...

Snazzy Nail art design - 3horizontal strips of different colours / shade of same colour & top with giltter

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lost in music

Does anyone else feel that music has reached a dead end and lost all originality? All the good songs seem to have been written in the 60s, 70s an 80s, with gems such as:

Flies are in your pea soup baby, they're waving at me! (Hi ho silver lining - Jeff Beck)
You make my pants wanna get up and dance! (Dr Hook)
Im a rocket ship on my way to Mars (Don't stop me now - Queen)

Travel to not so distant lands

Magazines always try to persuade us to jet off around the world but if you're more of a home bird there's loads of great places to visit close at hand such as:
Welsh and Scottish coasts,
or for history try the Railway and Viking museums in York or Hadrians Wall.
And for  a zoo and fairground all in one  there's Flamingo Land in Yorkshire.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

hobbies 1

Dance move of the day - circle your hips as if hoola-hooping while holding both hands in the air

Today's writing prompt - Entitle your poem / story 'Once upon a ...' Eg nightmare, battlefield, lovers picnic

Snazzy nail art - Paint vertical stripes of contrasting colours then in the middle paint a metallic zigzag

funny stats 1

Number of people addicted to sex: Men 1 in 13, Women 1 in 33
Average hours spent in the bathroom anually: Men -179, Women: 195
The average guy cries 14 times a year, The average woman 64 times.
Fairly sterotypical there
Hours spent on housework are rising for men and falling for women
The average guy spends 1 hour and 20 minutes a week looking for the TV remote, Women: 7 minutes


Thursday, 26 July 2012

sexy tips 1

Take it in turns to bind eachothers wrists with a silk scarf so your partner is at your mercy

Stroke him while he's inside you

Try reverse spoon - lying side by side facing eacother, that way you're both equally in control

fash n beauty to go 1

If you're wearing multi-print leggings, pick a top in one of the colours of the print

Layer 2 tops one over the other

Wear several necklaces over your top or dress

For a simple make up look use a coloured eyeliner

What will they come out with next 1

When he saw me in a skirt for the first time in months aged 2 - 'Ha Mammy funny dress!'
'Mammy, that lady's in a wheelbarrow!'
When I couldn't hear what he was saying - 'You must be hearing blind!'

Near perfect will do

Anyone get the feeling magazines encourage us to aspire to being like so called celebs whose lives are far from healthy or happy? Who wants to look like this?

Be happy being you and just remember the facts of life like -

Bad luck happens in threes: Tell yourself I can take it whatever it might be

No-one knows whats round the next corner: Smile and you'll get a smile back somehow

Real life ain't trendy

Magazines tend to have a habit of glorifying and glamourising real life stories like experiences of bipolar when the reality isnt so glossy. I was diagnosed at 16 but refused to accept it or have treatment til I had my son at 20. Those years were full of things I regret. Even after taking medication it was another year or so of bad times such as hospital admissions and suicide attempts before I found one that suits me. Now I take quetiapine which works most of the time but even now I have times when I dont feel 100% and have to take an increased  dose and will have to take it forever.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

What about Equalism?

Feminism seems to suggest we're aiming to better men. Shania had the right idea when she sang 'Just wanna be free to feel the way I feel'. Men and women alike should have this chance regardless of their gender. Magazines tend to take the mick out of men with embarrasing stats when women can be just as amusing.

When high flying ain't you

Ever get the feeling we're all either meant to be at uni or in high flying careers? For those of us who are not quite there how about trying a free online taster course at or Or you could try volunteering with a charity for new skills to enhance your CV. As well as shop work charities may offer other options such as fundraising and publicity or administration and local charities tend to have less paid staff and so may offer more opportunities.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Stuck in the middle wit you

Magazines seem to assume we're all either casually dating or living together. What about some advice for those of us with serious relationships who for whatever reason can't yet take that next move. Firstly, make sure you have a good text deal for the times apart and pencil in time to be together. Also, make the most of the time you have alone with these sex tips.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Young and Yummy

Theres been a trend for women to wait well into their 30s before having kid and for young mums to be pitied or frowned upon when there are so many advantages. Take having the energy, remembering what its like to be their age and making friends through them. Not to mention the amusement from things they come out with. It would be nice if magazines remembered that while we're just as interested in fashion and beauty we'd like tips on working what we've got rather than being prodded to buy new stuff all the time. It'd also be good if they provided us with some life-saving links like