Saturday, 23 February 2013

XYZ of Vaseline

  • Tidy up eyebrows
  • Condition lashes using a lash comb
  • Soften rough cuticles
  • Rub into hands and feet before bed then wear socks and gloves overnight
  • Coat lips then exfoliate with an old toothbrush
  • Soothe noses sore from running
  • Make it easier to thread thin cotton onto a needle

Saucy props from your household

  • Hairbrush (spank or tickle)
  • Scarves in different materials (you could wrap it aroud your privates before hand!)
  •  A string of beads or your hair could feel lush in the right place!
  • A hair bobble could provide just the right amount of pressure!
  • Tie them up with a belt
  • Draw a sexy message on their body with lipstick and see if they can guess what it says
  • Try stroking them with pairs of knickers in differing materials such as satin and lace.

Have fun!

Kinky Roleplay Personas

  • Scientist and their experiment
  • Master and slave
  • Naughty boy and teacher (think corporal punishment!)
  • Prison warden and inmate
  • Barmaid and punter
  • One of you be a foreigner who doesn't speak English so you have to be shown what the other wants
  • One of you pose as the centrefold of a magazine (cameras at the ready!)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Easy Technology-free holiday activities for kids

Outdoor Games

  • Hospital Tiggy: When 'It' catches someone they have to hold on to the part of their body where they were tagged while they're it. The trick is to aim for awkward places such as feet!
  • Sevenses - Think of 7 actions to do with a ball against a wall such as throwing it, clapping your hands then catching it or throwing it under your leg then turning around and catching it. See how many each player can do in a row witout dropping the ball.
Indoor Fun

  • Follow the leader (can also be played outside)
  • Pasta name door sign
  • Coin tossing in a cake tin or cake cases that are labelled with points
  • Stained glass windows using white tissue paper and felt pens
  • Spellings wordsearch - make a word search (easiest on lined paper) using some words from past spelling tests with clues to the words to find to reinforce the meanings.
  • Dictionary code treasure hunt - replace each word in the message with the word before it in the dictionary so kids have to hunt for them.
Great Travel Games

  • Hum songs and guess them
  • Time how long they can last without laughing while you make silly noises and faces.
  • Describe something wihout saying certain specified words, eg. dog without saying woof, legs, tail.
  • See who can make the longest alliteration sentence with each word starting with the same letter.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bonus Tried & Tested Sex Tip!

If your bloke is gagging to finish off in your mouth but you're not that keen try this:

Suck just below the tip aroud that extra special ridge so the results won't quite go inside your mouth. He'll be so blown away he won't even notice!

Be warned though, have plenty tissues on hand!

Also, try licking his bits then blowing if you want to blow him away!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Savvy Shopping

    Compare all the supermarkets in your area and get the best deals from each  of them. 
    Value stores such as Poundland and Poundstretcher also offer a great range of value food brands.
Discount stores such as Poundland are also cheaper for many products such as toiletries, over 
the counter medicines and cleaning products.
When shopping online use the compare feature offered by google to find the best
price for the products you want.

Amazon Marketplace offers great value on high quality 2nd hand books, CDs, DVDs and 

Stores such as Argos and Tesco have great Value ranges that include a wide range of high
quality products at very low prices.

When buying furniture most towns will have a 2nd hand shop that sells high quality recycled
furniture at low prices.

Instead of donating unwanted clothes and shoes to charity, will pay 
60p per kilo and collect your sack from your home free of charge.

Mystery shopping sites such as will pay you for
using local shops, restaurants and other services and all you need to do is fill in a simple online
questionnaire. will pay you for internet searches, reading emails and online surveys.

Ask your bank for a review of your accounts to discover the best products and services for you.

For items that never go out of fashion or to find your own personal style, charity shops are a treasure trove of bargains. Great for books, entertainment, toys and bric a brac too.


Enough is Enough

All that seems to matter to headteachers at the minute is their attendance records. The attendance policy at my son's school frankly seems to me to be a disguised form of bullying. Children are given a certificate each term for full attendance but this is withheld if they have been ill, on holiday or even 5 minutes late. At primary school it is the parents who decide whether a child attends school or not so why punish the child? Two of my friends children were distraught at the thought of letting their friends down because their clas may not get the best attendance that week if they were off sick. I really think this has gone too far.

Hello Dear

Several newspaper and magazine journalists seem to be of the opinion that to call your partner babe is sexist and offensive. I dont get it as I would be quite happy to be called babe as a term of endearment. My partner and I frequently refer to eachother as dear and are perfectly happy that way. Guess it is a matter of personal choice but surely there are more pressing issues to write about with regards to sexism?

Inevitable Changes?

A recent newspaper article stated that men over a certain age shouldn't wear jeans. Says who?! Why should you change the weay you dress simply because your age is increasing? I for one will still br wearing my skinny jeans in 50 years time. Stick the fingers up at ageism and wear what you want!

To go or not to go

When I was left behind while most of my school mates went off to uni they seemed to think they had one up on me. However, 3 years later most of them had an almost worthless degree and poorly paid jobs or were on the dole and thousands of pounds of debt. The goverments policy of pushing every 18 year old into uni has meant that, unless you study a course with a guranteed job at the end such as medicine, you're probably better off not going.