Friday, 15 February 2013

Easy Technology-free holiday activities for kids

Outdoor Games

  • Hospital Tiggy: When 'It' catches someone they have to hold on to the part of their body where they were tagged while they're it. The trick is to aim for awkward places such as feet!
  • Sevenses - Think of 7 actions to do with a ball against a wall such as throwing it, clapping your hands then catching it or throwing it under your leg then turning around and catching it. See how many each player can do in a row witout dropping the ball.
Indoor Fun

  • Follow the leader (can also be played outside)
  • Pasta name door sign
  • Coin tossing in a cake tin or cake cases that are labelled with points
  • Stained glass windows using white tissue paper and felt pens
  • Spellings wordsearch - make a word search (easiest on lined paper) using some words from past spelling tests with clues to the words to find to reinforce the meanings.
  • Dictionary code treasure hunt - replace each word in the message with the word before it in the dictionary so kids have to hunt for them.
Great Travel Games

  • Hum songs and guess them
  • Time how long they can last without laughing while you make silly noises and faces.
  • Describe something wihout saying certain specified words, eg. dog without saying woof, legs, tail.
  • See who can make the longest alliteration sentence with each word starting with the same letter.

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