Monday, 27 August 2012

X vs Y of fashion

Well, leggings are more comfortable and tend to come in more styles but jeans are warmer and can be more flattering.  

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Love is .... essay

Love is one of those abstract concepts so difficult to define because of its personal nature. As a general rule of thumb it could be said that love is a feeling of strong affection for someone or something but there could be as many definitions as people in the world. While love is mostly a positive concept some people due to personal circumstances could view it negatively. There are also many different types of love for example that for another person in a sexual relationship, love for a child, an animal or a food or type of music or a celebrity; the list is endless. So what is love? You tell me!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Fash n beauty to go 2

Summer blending to Autumn:

Wear an open cardi with a belt

Roll sleeves back

Wear hair half in a bun and half loose

What will they come out with next 2

When asked to thinjk of a word I couldn't spell aged 4 - 'Paralellogram!'

Had 'fizzy feet' (pins and needles)

His dummy was a 'nanny ninny'!

Sexy tips 2

Try sharing a bath or shower or having sex somewhere else thats not the bedroom

Massage eachother leaving the obvious places til last

Wow him with the corkscrew - twisting both hands in opposite directions

Hobbies 2

Dance move of the day - Throw your hands between your legs

Writing Prompt du jour - Love / death is ...

Snazzy Nail art design - 3horizontal strips of different colours / shade of same colour & top with giltter