Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New nail art Trends

    Sprinkle on beads by MUA

   Fur effect nails, simply paint & dip!
Both by MUA at Superdrug

Matte Suede finish nail varnishes

Magnetic polishes with a magnet in lid to move metal particles in the polish to make various patterns

Nail Stamping Kits - paint the designs on a metal disk then transfer to your nails

Spot sticks with shaped ends to make dots galore on your nails

Strange Collections

  • Navel Fluff!
  • Sick Bags
  • Toilet Seats
  • Burnt Food
  • Ouija Boards

Friday, 1 March 2013

Should IVF be available to people over 50?

Are maturity, life experience and financial security plus points or is it selfish to have a child you may not see grow up?

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Should homophobia be illegal?

Should freedom of speech be respected or are homophobic comments abuse and appalling?

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How to decorate a home on a budget


  • Charity shops
  • Discount shops
  • 2nd hand shops
  • Free cycle
  • Newspaper adverts

  • Decorate plain accessories with pretty stickers
  • Sew simple borders on to plain pillow cases, table cloths etc
  • Make place mats out of laminated pictures

Bizzare fetishes

  • Pendrophilia - Trees
  • Enderacinism - Thoughts of tearing out sexual organs!
  • Agatmatophilia - Statues / Mannequins
  • Ursusagalmatophilia - Teddy bears
  • Formicophilia - Having Insects crawling over or biting you!

Should women change their name when they marry?

A nice tradition or outdated sexism?

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Are age limits on certain products a bad idea?

Do kids need to be kept on the straight and narrow or do age restictions simply increase temptation?

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