Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fash n beauty to go 3

Wear skirts with jazzy tights

In the middle of a grey / brown smoky eye smudge some glistening silver.

Part hair at the side then tie in a bun.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Secret to an everlasting marriage

One possible reason for the rising divorce rate is that it used to be the done thing to marry before living together and having kids. This meant that couples could not truly know eachother before marriage and then came the inevitable changes that occur after having children. Now that marriage is no longer essential (after all, 'living in sin' was a notion created by the Victorians as common law marriages were common place before that) relationships may have more chance of lasting.

Booze, tabs and dope

It would seem like common sense to assume that cannabis is more dangerous than tobacco and alcohol as these are legal while pot / dope etc is not but this is not the case. Thousands more people die every year from smoking and booze than smoking pot. It is unclear why the government refuse to mae cannabis illegal apart from the old argument that it encourage people to try stronger drugs because they could make money out it instead of drug dealers and it is also an effective painkiller so there is call for it to be available to make it available on prescription. The alternative would be to make cigarettes and alcohol illegal but then a black market would spring up and the state would lose a fortune from taxes.

What is a 'celebrity'

Argh! Too many celebrities get me out of here!
It doesn't seem to have anything to do with talent as bimbos like Jordan get more coverage than truly talented musician, actors etc.
It's more to do with industry giants knowing who will make them money and having the media on their side.


Unlike a lot of people assume, particularly older people, the idea of 'morality' as in nuclear families consisting of heterosexual couples and their children conceived after marriage is not as old as time. It was in fact created by the Victorians who made homsexuality illegal, at least for men, and created the idea of 'living in sin' as there were many commonlaw marriages before Queen Vicky came to the throne.