Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hobbies 3

Dance move - Make the shape of letters with your arms, speel any words you want even rude ones!

Writing prompt - Imagine someone has woken from a 40 year coma to experience modern technology

Snazzy nail art - use a nail art pen to draw checks

Sex tips 3

Do a pole dance using your bloke as the pole!

Strip sexily then give your bloke a lapdance

Put sticky dots on a dice then label with your favourite saucy actions, choose  3 each.

CRB - Can't Really Be trusted

In response to recent incidents the CRB policy was intended to protect children. Unfortunately all a clean record really means is that you havent been caught. It also means that people who should be working with children are prevented from doing so by unrelated convictions such as shoplifting. It could even be detrimental to child safety as a doctor could be prevented from entering a school to treat a seriously ill child if they are not CRB checked through that school. And it seems that even parents are treated with suspicion and denied access to school. It really is a ridiculous system that needs changing fast.